"From The Bicycle To The Mercedes Benz S-Class"

was my boyfriend's comment, when he saw the still life posted below. After years of living with probably the most modest telephone model on the market and fighting against the current trends, I finally took my chance this autumn and bought myself a brand new Samsung Note III.

I still do not know what triggered this decision. Society pressure was unlikely a reason, because I never felt deprived without a smartphone. In fact, it was much more convenient having a phone which could drop off my hands without consequences and with a battery I only had to charge once a week.

Me and my Nokia cohabited quietly during all the years I spent at the University of Ljubljana. From time to time the idea of having internet access outside my room became tempting, but never to the amount that would justify a purchase.

When I came to the Netherlands, the situation changed dramatically. People here are true mobile phone fanatics. "Like Montenegrins if they were rich," was Tadej’s second picturesque remark. Not only was I unable to get the accurate information about the train schedule, communicate via whatsapps and check emails while waiting at the station, I even felt discriminated when I realized that there is no "coffee + croissant = 1,2 EUR" offer in Sodexo without the right app!

Now I am the proud owner of the phablet, discovering its countless features and enjoying its gracious look. Rational or no, I quite like my new toy and the photos it makes are fantastic. You can see some of them from my last run around Hilversum Zuiderhof below. Enjoy!

"From The Bicycle To The Mercedes Benz S-Class" "From The Bicycle To The Mercedes Benz S-Class" Reviewed by Helena Uršič on 12:30 PM Rating: 5

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