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If Armstrong's step was a small move for him, but a giant one for mankind, starting a blog is just the opposite. This negligent drop in the cyber ocean is more a sign of progress for the writer herself and, if lucky, for few readers that were accidentally inspired by her thoughts. Even in the case of internationally recognized and influential blogs, sometimes I doubt into their real value.

The explanation? 

In his 2010 book “The Shallows” Nicholas Carr writes about the revolution in our reading habits that has been triggered by internet. Like Carr, I have been horrified by the way that I have been approaching texts recently. Unless being extra attentive, I “scan” books and contracts in the same way as advertisements and FB statuses – fast and carelessly, trying to absorb as much information as possible at one glance. The result is evident: You scan it, you forget it. Even the best blog post ever. 

Why starting then?

Blogging is not for the others. Blogging is for you. Some says that it is indeed a good way of promoting yourself. I can accept this argument as partly legitimate; however, for me writing blog expands over the border of self-promotion. I see blogging as a courageous, open monologue which stimulates people to talk and influence each other. In such a way the monologue broadens its scope and actually becomes a dialogue. Why this is important was clearly demonstrated by Socrates as early as 400 BC and I do not intend to repeat it.

Multum in parvo

Despite the fact that it only forms a tiny part (parvo) in the galaxy of online information, for me, this blog has a priceless value (multum). Its title indicates the variety (multum) of topics which I want to discuss in my posts and have an impact on my life, with law being particularly emphasized. (Interestingly, the Slovenian word for law is “pravo”, which makes an anagram of parvo.)
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